The howl of a Devil Tiger, The Dance of a thrashing Dragon, for Honor, for Loyalty, for Sanctuary.

Who We Are ?

Welcome to Chinatown, we are the Quing Bang, the Green Gang of Sanctuary, we are a complex band of misfits and rogues, are we merchants ? yes we are… are we warriors ? yes we are… are we loyal to the Royal family ? Absolutely. The Benevolent Mercantile Organization of the Quing Bang is a secret society that works to make Sanctuary a better place, offering Health Care, resources and mercantile opportunities to the other factions and the Royal businesses as Sanctuary Infirmary.

We accept all kind of individuals. We don’t judge your appearance, race, creed, but you will be measured by your own actions, The Goal of the Quing Bang is simple Protect the Royal family from the shadows, and help to make the life of Sanctuary Inhabitants better, using trade as our spearhead.

What do we offer ?

The Quing Bang is a family, all our people is important to us. We have a code of conduct. We are loyal, and honest. We give the best products and medicines and always we give the 100 percent. The Quing Bang offers a warm and caring environment to all. We want that Sanctuary grows. We know it is easier to be the bad guy, the raider, the destroyer.. but in the Quing Bang, we like to work Hard. It may not be easy but it is worth it.

In OOC we offer private classes in role-playing etiquette to our initiates, we have a treaty with sanctuary best CCS teachers to offer help in meter combat and we encourage participation on Sunday Naked Spare and the weekly Sanctuary official classes. We have taken classes to polish our role-play style and make the Sanctuary proud and we want to help as much as we can.

We encourage our people to take part in sanctuary, and guide them to flourish and become an important part of sanctuary.


Have a nice and good role-play !!!


Yanluo Wang Mountain Master and Tiger head of the Quing Bang

For more information or to join please contact:

Tiger Head Yanluo Wang ((henriettavoudkolakik))

Dragon Head Pauline Windlow ((pauline windlow))

Incense Master Ogun’s Daughter ((helenedupont))

White Paper fan MarĂ­a Dolores Felix del Rio ((daennasterlina))