The Bahari is a family group, who”s founders were vampires. (not a vtm clan)
Founders; Asher Bahari and his wife Neffi the wise, along with their numerous children.

The Bahari is a free form RP group, family and faction of sanctuary.
Your Character/Back story;
You are open and free to build your character as you wish. Though keep in mind the bahari is a family group, and all new members must be related to the main two founding people(Asher&Neffi). Growing your character slowly is some times the best way to go, if you are new to Role Playing/RP. In no way do you have to rp a vampire, you can be whatever you want. The Bahari Family love to mix and have been race mixing for centuries. (if you wish to use this to help; Asher’s vampire descendants commonly have the ability to flesh craft or manipulate shadow/darkness. Neffi pasted down traits of beauty, ability to cast lightning or sparks and wisdom in many forms.)

The running of the family changes as often as needed, by voting or just nomination.


Plain and simple…. The group is open for anyone to join !!
Below is the group Key for you to join: Just copy and paste into nearby chat, then click on the link, Bahari Blood. And you will start out as a Fetus ;P


Anyone is welcome to join, we just ask that you are joining for the right reasons and really are wanting to add the Bahari Family to your RolePlay.

☠ ☽ ☾ ♆

Parent -These look after the Children…
Children -When you are given a place in the family. (after reaching lvl2 unity maxum)
Fetus -This is the starter rank for the family. As you build your back story.