Blood Moon, although re-opened, is a rather newly established pack lead by a young lycaness.
The pack welcomes lycans and other various shifters into the family, even hybrids as they have the lycan/ were gene.

Anyone thinking about joining and becoming a part of the family, should know a thing or two about how it all started – how Yysara ended up in Sanctuary and decided to start her own pack.

When Yys was just a little kid, her father got hunted down and turned by a Malkavian vampire, but continued to live with his family. Yet, along the years Yys grew somewhat of a hatred and grudge against the Malkavians – especially the vampires among them. The years passed and Yys grew to become quite the headstrong and attractive woman, yet she too had a fall out with the supernatural. At the age of 20 she fell in love with a man who turned out to be a lycan and during a heated fight, he bit and turned her into the lycaness she is today. Even though it seems somewhat hard, with a father who’s from an acient vampire family who always sees themselves as superior to lycans, which she is reminded of on a regular basis. She strives to become her own person in this new land called Sanctuary, she forms her own pack and tries to look ahead one day at a time.

Blood Moon Pack, is more then just a pack of beasts and shape shifters that claimed a few sand dunes in the desert city. We are hunters and predators, yet we don’t hunt the citizens of this land. Culling their numbers would cause the other races to rise up and hunt us to extinction. Not a good plan for any wolf pack. We hunt the animals, pirates, bandits, raiders and invading armies who come to our land, our shared city with hate in their heart. Although there are times when the lycans experience the full moon rage or get pushed to their limit.

I strongly encourage my members to be active in the Sanctuary community. There are events, CCS RP classes, club events, mentor led sparing event classes. There are many places that offer IC RP jobs to earn money in the Sanctuary Money Currency HUD. Some of these jobs are The Hookah Tavern, Honey Pot, Bank, Royal Army, Black Tower of Justice, Zantosa Marketplace for traders, and the Sanctuary Marketplace beside the OOC Arena. That is just to name a few places.

What is important to understand, is that Blood Moon Pack, is a family and we build close ties, but we do not “Make RP for you….” Why is that an important point? I encourage our family members to go out into Sanctuary community and create their own role play, not only with other pack family members, but with the whole RP community. We are not here to create your RP stories, we are here to help you build your own. Also, we will have your back but if you start trouble, don’t bring it home. If you start it, you finish it!