Immortal Myst, House of Trade and Transport

Mercenaries, Merchants of any kind
uniting under the Immortal Myst banner,
ruled by a dark and strange one.
Exchange and gain, blood for money.
The face shown to others is the merchant one,
people who travel in many lands to
exchange goods between those and their inhabitants.
For those who know more of the Elder himself,
mercenaries they can be,
and for more gold he could do almost anything.

Immortal Myst Background History :

Long ago, there was few who joined together to form a
family house, mostly vampires but few other races as well.
The twins rulers have lived for a time in a beautiful and
dark castle surrounded by a few numbers of fellow.
They survived in those lands that have known the faith
of a cataclysm. Now, most of the members of the House
have fled in far away countries and have not seen each
others since years.

Thought, the House of the Immortal Myst still exist
by the one who was once Lord and now looking
to become Baron at least.

An old vampire who’s origins are now almost forgotten.

The re founding of the House of the Immortal Myst :

As The Elder of Immortal Myst have found a precious one
to share everything with, and he decided it was time to
settle something and open back in the world the House
of the Immortal Myst.

With time and different experience from the past,
he knows the different fields in the City of the desert
he could take profit of to slowly grow as a new House.
But that realm is not where he desire to build up that
new roof for the future organization
as every part of land is occupied.

From event that was not under his control, he discovered
a land that have knew a new beginning. Yes the meteor
have changed almost everything in these lands but,
an area stays far enough to not have been transformed
that much by the effects of that spatial rock.

On the North East side of the island,
rise a forest in which some old ruins remains.
Low stone walls that was built to keep
the farm animals in a field, even the rest of
an ancient house remain under the earth, roots, leaves
and plants that have grown since those ruins was
something more solid. That area was perfect for his goal
so he decided to set temporarily a little settlement
in the middle of that dark forest.

With time, the effect of that meteor
have made that Island not possible to stay on.
So the Immortal Myst House needed to move one more time.
A while they wandered without finding,
until one day they succeed to find an area to place their settlement.

Slowly they raise again and now a shore of Safira lands
is welcoming the members of the Myst in a more discrete settlement

The goals of the House of Immortal Myst :

* Growing as a strong house where each other is like family
member, ready to help everyone in the House and serve the
Elders of the Myst.

* Protect the Elders and all members of the House.

* Ensure exchanges (good and services) between different
realms to make profits.

* Raising an area to ensure a safe environment for the
Members of the Myst, to make possible some meeting,
training and even some feast.

* Gaining respect from other houses, factions and clans.

* Making few alliance with others.

* Other goals to come.

The Rules of Immortal Myst’s House :

IC rules :

1. Listen to the Elders and respect the decisions made.
2. No strangers will be allowed inside the future building
of the House without an Elder permission or sanction will be taken.
3. Participating in training and chores apply to all.
4. Keep secure all settlements of the House.
5. Protect the Elders and other members at all cost.

OOC rules :

1. Have fun!
2. Respect at all cost LL, TOS and CCS rules.
3. No drama and no cheating will be accepted in this House.
4. Be active in events that goes with the House.


Immortal Myst group is both a role play and a combat group
open to all races and classes. Members are also in several