Healing Waters

All find their way to us.
All value our arts.
The wise protect us.
The fools may harm use.
But it is ours to deny you, for your trespasses.

Like an Oasis in the vastness of the desert heat we are the refuge and the salvation of the wounded body, mind, and soul. As the fresh cool ocean air fills the lunges, and the crystal clear waters of the Oasis pools cleanse the passing of days without refreshment so to do we aide those in need.
Ours is the lesson of the Oasis, and its remedies.
Often seen as witch doctors, Shaman, healers, apothecaries, herbalists, or soothsayers our common goal is universal. Understanding the puzzle that is the living body, and how to enhance, repair, and cure all that ails it. But, we are not without our methods of defense as none can match our methods to poison those who would bring us harm.

The Healing Waters are led by the Prefect of Letters and staffed by:

-Healers, who may refer to themselves as Shaman or witch doctors, as they are the master of mending the wounds of the body. The healers main focus is the heath and well being of the mortal coil.

-Apothecaries are the master mixers of poisons and potions through which the healers heal, and may at times kill. Be it known that other guilds often impeach the services of the apothecaries should they desire a poison that leaves no trace, or if the death needs to appear to be accidental As a clarification the abilities of the apothecaries, like any other group, can and may be used for good or evil. The apothecaries creations may be used to end the suffering of a patient that is far beyond any help, or desire for help. Then as easily the poison that would kill on one hand, but used at a potency that is not deadly can render a patient in a death like state that would allow the healers to work their remedies to a far better efficiency.
-Herbalists are the backbone of this guild as their knowledge of plants and how to procure and process them for greatest affect is unmatched. While they can preform the functions of a healer or an apothecary their knowledge is not as vast as the other two, and their remedies and potions are severely curtailed. That being said the healers and especially the apothecaries find their greatest allies in the herbalists.

-Soothsayers are a bit aloof, introspective, yet with a penchant for reading the subtext of others words and actions. As theirs is the venue of the mind and all that ails it.. It is said that when one walks away from an interaction with a soothsayer they feel either somehow refreshed and unburdened, or like they have just bared their souls to a devil.