Speakers of the Way

Ours is the power of word, ritual, song, and numbers, gifts from the Gods, and of the ancients who’s form is lost to the sands of time. Their knowledge is ours and through their gifts we shall advance the arts and the art of science to yet greater heights.

The Speakers are a Covenant of like minded magic users who have banded together out of necessity and a sense of close familial ties, as their Arts are seen by many as the work of the devil, or so malignly misunderstood that their very lives are often in danger. While each individual approaches their Art in vastly different ways, be that necromancy, Wiccan ritual, Druidism and the like, they all fall into one of four Orders in reverence to the Cardinal Points.


The Orders

Order of the Word is founded on the belief that there is power in words and more importantly great power in true names. Their spells are always spoken and often woven into their everyday conversations, so as to mask any true intent. While casting a spell, a series of what could be called random hand movements that normally accompanies everyday speech, is also employed to further accentuate the affects of the spell..

They are lead by the Master of Words and the disciples are known as Weavers.

Order of Song is founded upon the power of the celestial beings who gifted the adherents of the order with the Music of the Spheres. The Order of Song uses the power of music, and dance, often mixed with the lyrical aspect to accentuate the spell’s effect. Much as the Weavers use their hand gestures. The Order of Song is know for it’s great revels, debauchery, musical productions, and social engagements where they can be employed as entertainers.

The leader of the Order is the Master of Songs, and the disciples are known as Bards, Gypsies, or Troubadours.


The Order of Ritual trace their magic back to the old ways prior to written word and the advent of music upon this plane. Theirs is the way of herbs, circles, incense and sacrifice. Often called Witch or Warlock, though be mindful that Warlock is woefully inaccurate and seen as a smack in the face by the adherents, as all witches are male or female. Also counted among their numbers are Shaman, and Oracles.

They are led by the Master of Rites, and the followers carry the name Witch, Shaman, or Oracle


The Order of Numbers is the newest of the orders and probably the most misunderstood by their brothers and sisters as their magic traces itself back to the sciences and the power of numbers. This order often uses tech devices like cell phones, equations, and numerology as all things in their eyes can be broken down into a set of paradigms that can then be manipulated by the practitioner. It is not uncommon for these magic users to employ more mundane objects like dice., note books, and even an abacus, but their preference tends to lean to tech or their implants.

Their leader is known as the Master of Numbers, or MN Marc 1, with the developers being called Technomancers, and Cyber Mages