Dervish Winds

Like the ebb and flow of the desert winds we easily breeze our way in and out of the lives of those who so easily forget we have passed. We are the distant memories of stolen secrets, the stifled sigh of a last breath, and the shadows that hide more than just our passing. We are the honor bound followers of the Thief of Dreams, while none knows his or her name all know of the Thief’s existence, as their hand weighs heavy on the followers. The Thief of Dream’s dictates are simple and judgment harsh, but great power and riches shall be gifted to the followers who abide.

None shall steal from a member of the Winds, as what is one’s is alls.

Honor above all else in the Winds, but do not gift such favor to those who stand beyond our walls.

Be silent when it is due, be mindful when it is needed, be swift when the time is right, and be like the Dervish Winds when your life is in peril..

Watch and learn as the greatest enemy is one’s own ignorance.

The wealth and welfare of those outside of the winds is only as important as what can be gained by using them as a pawn. When their value is negated, they are trash.

Keep your secrets and the secrets of the Winds, but take theirs.

Group Roles:

  • Haunts are the masters of stealth and shadow.
  • Blade Dancers are the holders of the dual blades.
  • Serpents Tongue’s are the masters of the word, and the arts of empathy, seduction, duplicity, and lies.
  • Ghost Winds are the keepers of the arts of assassination and poisons.
  • Masters of the Four Winds are the leaders of each faction within the group, and to whom all must face should they wish to find a family in the Winds
  • Thief of Dreams is the leader or leaders, as none has ever seen the Thief, of the guild.