We the Blades, as we more commonly refer to ourselves, trace our roots back to Maltur, our founder and some say the father of the three. The three are said to be his children, and the most prized warriors of his time.

The Shield maiden, Leyara was said to be as beautiful as she was deadly, with a willfulness that rivaled that of a legion of men. While deadly with her spear, it was her shield that crowned her legend and and would bring fear to all that would whisper her name. It is said that when she would enter a fray, the only fore warning that the enemy would hear would be a call to battle, and then the unmistakable sound of breaking bone, and men choking on their own blood.

The soul surviving twin Mesha of the twin blades, with the unrelenting fury of a desert storm, his judgment was always swift, and the verdict always bloody. It was said that at the age of ten he caught his twin brother stealing from the coffers of his father and like the shifting winds that blow hot with rage from the deepest desert, he mortally wounded his brother, and drug him before father to meet his judgment. Being the fair man that he was Maltur allowed Mesha to deal the death blow and claim his brothers life as his own.

Adeeb was known for his conquest both on the field of battle and in the bed chambers of those who caught his eye. While the eldest of the three, he is also the most hauntingly attractive, to what some say his stunning nature was that of a devil, sinister yet undeniably desirable. A natural born leader, his ability to claim followers and lovers was only rivaled by the deadly fury of his scimitar. Those that counted themselves unlucky enough to be allowed to live, though for long enough to tell their tales of horror, would speak of a desert demon that razed all within a whirlwind of steel.

Group Roles:

Maidens and Brothers

  • Shield Maiden
  • Spear Brother


  • Twin Blades
  • Death Bringer


  • Scimitar Fury
  • Demon Wind

Scion of Maltur – Owner

Scion of Leyara – Leader of Maidens and Brothers

Scion of Mesha – Leader of the Blades

Scion of Adeeb – Leader of the Furies