Welcome and please deposit your spiders in the proper receptacle… I’m sure they’re nice and juicy.


First and foremost, thank you for showing an interest.

!!CRAZY!! You need to be some form of crazy which can take on many forms from subtle quirks to psychotic. Subtle quirks can be trickier than psychotic, so bigger is not necessarily better. It can range from silly to very scary but the guideline (note the word guideline) is that Malkavian crazy should be more on the side of psychotic then happy crazy. Do your best…You don’t need to be perfect but effort is expected.


You need to be a roleplayer! This group is for people who play a character. We are not a group of people who stand around gesturbating and shooting the breeze. You won’t be punished if you do, but it’s not the focus of this group. We’re not going to stone you to death if you sit there for an hour shooting the breeze but really this is about having fun with roleplaying.

Malkavians are crazy and as a result our organization IC should be very loose and chaotic. This group is not about riding to each others rescue all the time or ganging up on others. You are expected to do things that cause some level of antagonism but this is NOT a war group! OOC we will be there for you and we will make sure that things do not get out of hand OOC so you can have fun IC.

This is not an exclusive group. Members are allowed to be part of other groups because this is not a war group. We’re not in the business of taking over or “beating” other groups and we strongly encourage you all to keep this in mind. We want you to join our group because you wish to define yourself as a crazy Malkavain as PART of your character, not as your whole character. When you have our tag on behave as a Malkavian, if you have another tag on then play to that tag.
!!Other groups don’t allow this so we ask that you do not abuse this privilege!!

At it’s heart this group is a vampire group, but we DO allow non vampires. Vampires and non vampires WILL be treated the same.

YOU have the obligation to be an adult and act like it…
!!Do not pull OOC to IC or IC to OOC!!
IF things begin to spiral out of control then do your best to reign it in…With saying that, if you keep up this bad behavior, after you are warned…you maybe asked to leave or kicked from the group. This group and SL is here for people to come and have fun…not be someones door mat. Also that is why there are GM’s, if you are having problems call one.


To join contact one of the following in Second Life:

Vampir Draken
Martine Serpente
lalita wingtips
Lillithmei Heron

Portaguese & English:
GeяsOη (gerson.tenk)