Version 1.6

Revised 03/12/18

Please read all the rules as not doing so will NOT be accepted as a valid reason for breaking them, nor is ignorance an excuse for doing the same.

All the Sims in this community are rated adult, and as such by entering this area you have acknowledged that you are of legal age to do so, that being over the age of eighteen. Furthermore, by entering this role play environment you are well aware that as an adult Sim you will be exposed to adult themes, actions and language, violence and profanity. This is not limited to public displays of affection, sex, violent sex, torture, dismemberment, and well you get the jist of where I am going with this. With that said….

If you are underage, please leave. You are trespassing and thus legally liable for your own actions.

If you are a child avi, please leave. If you in any way look like a child, a toy, or anything connected with childhood, dress like a child, attach children’s toys or speak like a child, and this includes non humanoid avatars, you will be asked to advance in age, remove said objects, or leave.

If you are easily offended by adult acts, themes, or language you have been forewarned and this community will not be held responsible for your actions as you have entered of your own free will.

Anime characters just don’t make sense here, given our history, so if you play one, please reconsider your decision.

Rule 1) You do NOT have the right to be an asshole. If you cannot contain your thoughts and actions to a justified and in character level, and you feel the need to attack others OOC (out of character) please leave and go play with yourself.

Rule 2) Attacking a mentor or a GM with their OOC tag on, is grounds for immediate Sim ban. Staff only wears Staff tags when they are doing their jobs and not while role playing.

Rule 3) As an adult sim child avatars are NOT ALLOWED. If you are approached by an Admin or GM and asked to advance your age, change your AO to a more adult one, or dress in a fashion that is not child like. Please do so, or you may find yourself banned from this community. (We take this very seriously.)

Rule 4) So you want to have a baby, well sweet cheeks this is and adult sim and having a baby on board does NOT guarantee the safety of that child. You are an adult and you are fully aware and accepting that playing such an event can lead to incidents and actions that may, and more than likely will occur on a dark role play sim. And as stated above under rule 3, no children….so yeah no talking baby bumps.

Rule 5) Vehicles must fit the theme of what you would find in the desert and must be worn. Those that you rez and then sit upon are not allowed. Horses are allowed.

Rule 6) Flying. If your character cannot fly via wings, magic or cyber thrusters, for example, and doesn’t have an rp history of flying, please refrain from doing so. Our GM’s do have the right to request that you stop should you not have a valid in character reason to be flying…and no, do not think for a minute that just because you bought a pair of wings that it makes you a capable werewolf who can now flap em and soar. Please use common sense when approaching this luxury as it is allowed to create more of a dynamic environment. Please note, and this is VERY IMPORTANT, entering into battle while flying is NOT ALLOWED. You will be placing yourself in an unfair advantage over all others in the melee. Now should you be in an RP battle, different story, just do not use your spells or weapons, it is called RP after all.

Rule 7) Teleporting in other players. Should you wish to teleport in other players take a few common sense steps before you just shoot out that invite.
One…let the other player or players know that this is what you want to do so that they are not blindsided by the post and poof they are here.
Two. Role play out the summoning, calling or what ever method your character concept uses to call in the other player Then allow the others to post their actions and responses to your summoning.
Three…role play out the arrival by both the summoner and the person summoned, while again allowing the other players to respond in kind.

Rule 8) Gesturing and shouting…keep it appropriate to the role play at hand, and limit its use. DO NOT SPAM, remember while it may be fun sometimes and it may add a bit of texture to the role play it can also be a bit like masturbating in public….not everyone wants to watch it.

Rule 9) Movement enhancers are not allowed on this sim or in the Sanctuary Community. If it is discovered that you are in violation of this rule an Admin or GM will ask you to remove said enhancement / attachment. And should you refuse you will be asked to leave or shown to the door. We strive to keep our environment as equal as possible and find that such items will tip the balance unfairly. So we ask that those items, including jumpers, be taken off while role playing in our community.

Rule 10) Malicious Huds. Do not use them…period, end of conversation. The use of any hud that allows spying, tracking, pushing, flinging etc. is NOT ALLOWED on this sim or in this community. Not only is obnoxious, often griefing, it can be so easily abused for the purposes of Godmoding, Meta Gaming, and Power Gaming.

We will remain a meter optional sim, so should you desire not to wear the HUD and meter you are free to do so, and still be welcome into our RP family.

Now just a little about the meter and HUD we are using. We are now using the Maxim Unity HUD and meter, which is more of a roleplay aid than a combat system, though it will function quite nicely as one as well.
This is not a tick based meter system, and gaining higher levels is through advancing your guilds, or groups goals, and advancing your and others stories via role play. So do you see where I am going with this….YOU ADVANCE THROUGH ROLE PLAY. Advancement will only be granted by the level 12 Admin Stevie Basevi. This method should be increasingly more difficult at higher levels, as there is a level cap of 10, and this will be based on conversations with Stevie and the appointed level 11 admins who read your role play note cards.

Sanctuary – Our group to keep residents and those that come to the sim informed of current events and sim information. Feel free to contact Stevie Basevi to join this Group or copy the URL below in to local chat.

Sanctuary RP Community Group~


The Sanctuary RP Community is English speaking and a translator iS REQUIRED for RP purposes.  If your grasp of the English language is tenuous, or you do not speak English at all. As this will prevent any misunderstandings, hard feelings or a total breakdown of communication with the staff, GM’s, Administration, or fellow role players.

By entering this community, and role playing or interacting with others you agree to the use of chat logs, including IM’s, to resolve any issue that may arise between yourself and another player. THESE LOGS WILL ONLY BE USED TO RESOLVE THE ISSUE AT HAND AND WILL NEVER BE USED OR SHOWN TO ANY OTHER PARTIES NOT INVOLVED WITH SAID DISPUTE.

All the rules stated in this note card are subject to change, and additions added. If and when this should happen all members of the community will be notified by message and a new copy of the rules will be sent out.

Our goal in role play……..

Unlike other venues of role play on the net, SL is a bit different. We do not have a concept of winning or losing like you may find on some MMORPG’s, rather the central concept in SL is to tell a story with others in a fashion that allows a free give and take of ideas, possibilities and individual stories, while being mindful and respectful of what others do, attempt to do, or say. Think of this as an acting class, where you are given a scenario and you with other actors must now finish that story, but keep in mind you must now react on the fly to whatever they say or attempt to do…there are no scripts here.

Role play Limits….
It is understandable that you may have die hard limits that you would rather not role play, such as rape, torture, or extreme physical violence, and this may be to your own experiences in real life or your personal beliefs. That is where, and you may have seen this in peoples profiles, a tab of your limits should be spelled out. I would advise you to keep them few in number and solely in the realm of things that make you cringe in RL. We are an adult rated sim, and a laundry list of limits may often land you alone when it comes to RP, as others will be wary of approaching you as their actions are now so severely curtailed. Consider your choice of rping on a dark RP sim if your limits are in the realm of no cutting hair.

Going along with what was just discussed…Respect for your fellow player as a person and not a mass of pixels is paramount. If you find yourself, suddenly backed into a situation or the RP has taken a turn that leaves you feeling just a bit disturbed by the way it is going. You have two options….
One, role play out of it, as the other player CANNOT force their action on you, you are within your role play abilities to change the course of the scene.
Two, send an IM to the other player or players and politely state that you are very uncomfortable with where the scene is going, and quickly hash out a way to resolve the scene but still have a kick ass good time.

Well let’s touch upon Meta-gaming, Godmoding, and Power Gaming as I have already hinted at it..

Meta gaming is the using of information that was not received within the context of a role play, then using that info to directly affect or influence the other player. Translation….using out of character (OOC), information is a no no, and doing that enough will more than likely land you alone and without RP until such time as you shape your shit up.
Examples. Using the radar to find someone, calling them by name when you first meet them just because you read their name tag. I think you are getting my point here.

Godmoding. Hint hint…you do NOT walk on water, and you do NOT make worlds in your image. Godmoding is simply negating all actions that are made towards you, because you are so damn God like. YOU ARE NOT, accept it and get that through your head because your role play reputation will find itself so muddied that people will just walk away from your, almighty you can’t touch me, ass. We are not really fond of people rping as gods and goddesses for this very reason, especially if you’ve only been in the game for ten minutes. Do your time and earn your respect.

Power Gaming is the oh so lovely method of riding rough shot over others in the RP. It is a bit like Godmoding but rather than negating others actions, you are forcing YOUR actions upon them, and denying their ability to counter or even react of their own free will. Remember that this forum is collaborative, like our acting class example, and what fun is it if you are always in control.

I realize I was a bit pointed in this area, but trust me. Better you know now, than have your RP experience ruined by your own actions when it is such a simple fix to make in the beginning.
So should you have questions, seek out a mentor, ask another more experienced role player, or read the posts of an already ongoing rp. Your smart and I am sure you will pick it up fast, it just takes some practice.