The God Machine is a self-serving, self-growing, unimaginably complex sentient alien machine. It may not even physically exist, but is capable of manipulating many facets of reality. The machine creates an occult matrix through the completion of a project. Usually these matrices create angels which carry out specific instructions to generate more projects in order to grow the machine.

An angel was spawned in a post-apocalyptic Earth around the year 2578. It was sent to an unknown destination based off of research conducted on an anomaly uncovered by the planet’s near-destruction. Sanctuary. Based on reports sent back to it, the machine immediately took interest in Sanctuary and instructed the angel to establish a base of operation for new projects. What does the God Machine see in Sanctuary? Seek the angel and you may find out…

–== :: ==–

Projects are RPs that may or may not be dark in nature. They will strive to remain in the grey area while the methods and or outcome may be considered either good or bad. The machine serves itself, but just like the humans on Earth… it has an interest in Sanctuary and will do what it must to maintain the city’s existence at any cost. TGM members will be given the option to participate in the RPs based on their personal limits. Some things may be very dark or uncomfortable, and there will be no repercussions if someone wishes to excuse themselves from a project.